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There is no limitation of the imagination of what a sculpture means to each individual audience. Sometimes the imagination can pass through the timeline to see the elements from a different time or space” (Gong Yuebin, 2013)

My work begins with a personal experience, an observation or fact. Found objects, images, books, documentaries, news articles and ready-made materials inspire me. Found objects as used by Marcel Duchamp are particularly interesting as they have a history or signification attached which can stimulate memories in the viewers past, present or create reactions in viewers  future experiences. I am fascinated by the rapid changes occuring in the 21st Century. In my work I aim to highlight and draw attention to changes in cultural identity and gender, mass consumerism, social problems and the planet changing  enviromental issues we face. My influences include The Surrealist movement, Pop Art and artists  Cathie Pilkington R.A , Bruce Nauman ,Louise Bourgeois  I hold a BA(hons) Fine Art from the University of Chichester and am currently working towards an MA. I live and work in the South Downs and have a studio in Sidlesham, West Sussex. 


2019 Capug at Coastguard Studios

2019 Capug at Chichester Job Centre

2019  Emsworth Arts Trail

2019  Pallant House Gallery

2109  Fruitella 

2019  Axiom

2018  Semi Skimmed

2017  New Perspectives

2016  Abrasion

2015  Oxmarket


I post regular updates and information on new projects on Instagram, you can visit by clicking the link. Or email me on the form below.

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Tel: 044 7412 105376

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